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Briarpatch Creative Freelance Writing

briarpatch creative copywriting and advertising

Briarpatch Creative is a content development company, the commercial alter-ego of freelance writer Sal Emma.

We incubate ideas that drive communication. With years writing copy behind the sandbags of the ad agency trenches, we know what resonates. We sift out the chaff and polish the ideas that resonate with readers.

With nearly three decades experience, we create:

• Magazine features
• Children’s books
• Web content
• Advertising concepts and campaigns
• Custom content
• SEO copy

At our core, we’re word freaks, but we deliver more than just words. Editors like our quirky world-view. Designers love our ability to think visually. Marketing gurus love us because the message gets through. And the bean counters love us because we deliver the goods, as promised, on time and within budget.

Sites, Blogs & More

Nuts About Bikes – dedicated to motorcycling
Rubber Pancakes – our weird and wacky view of food and drink
Organic Lawn Adventures – just say ‘no’ to lawn chemicals


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