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CRM Direct Mail
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Designed as a follow-up CRM piece targeted to riders that test-rode new HD models at various motorcycle rallies around the country, including Daytona.

Keep the Party going

Bikes, bikinis, beards, bandannas and black leather: there’s nothing quite like Bike Week.

The scream of finely tuned iron at the Speedway … a parade of chrome brightening the beach – and the spirited celebration of freedom of expression on Main Street.

Daytona is a unique brand of made-in-the-USA party, loud, rambunctious, a one-of-a-kind brotherhood of fun.

You’re a part of it now. You did it, you lived it – with some saddle time on a brand-new Harley-Davidson. And reliving it is as easy as putting yourself back in the saddle. Thanks for stopping by – hope to see you again real soon.

- Your friends at Harley-Davidson