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About Briarpatch Creative

Why does beer foam? How fast do sharks swim? Why are elephants’ ears so big? What makes crabgrass spread so fast? Just a few of the questions that course through the brain of freelance writer Sal Emma, founder and head word guy at Briarpatch Creative.

Sal Emma - CopywriterHis sense of curiosity is almost as big as the universe. He is particularly adept at presenting highly technical subjects in clear prose that answers the question – what the heck is going on here?

From food and beverage to marine biology – medical technology to the arts, his work covers a wide swath. He dissects the parts, investigates what makes them tick – and illuminates the big picture.

A 10-year ad agency veteran, he understands writing for the audience – be they cynical, hard-nosed business managers or children filled with awe.

Curiosity and wonder drive his storytelling. He’s a dad, brewer, motorcyclist, musician, cook, photographer and language nut. A passion for life illuminates his work. He’s a tour guide, informing his readers as they explore the world together.

A published book author and former marketing director, Sal has been writing professionally for nearly three decades, working with organizations including Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Harvard Medical School, University of Pennsylvania and others.

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