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In other news ...

A wee roundup of what's up:

Rapiscan is the leading manufacturer of security screening equipment for cargo, vehicles, baggage and travel passengers. We're helping them get a handle on direct marketing messaging, with venture partner Pawling & Associates.

Consulting Safety Managers is a young and energetic company dedicated to industrial safety engineering. They tapped Briarpatch forcopy promoting their extensive catalog of training courses.

The ShopRite LPGA Classic is returning to Atlantic City in 2010 after a three-year hiatus. We'll be helping venture partner Fish With Feet get web content together.

Excited to add Weldon Owen, Inc. to the client list. Working on a new series of children's art books with its Fog City Press subsidiary - details TBA once the marketing is cleared.

BikerHiway is keeping us busy with a revamp its web-based motorcycle safety products catalog.

AtlantiCare returned to Briarpatch for the edit and update of its 2010 Patient Handbook for hospital inpatients.

We're helping Dynamic Ticket Solutions develop content for a website makeover. DTS is one of a few companies worldwide that specializes in online ticketing for small railroads.

Harley-Davidson boomeranged with another direct marketing project. With DM guru Akquracy and designer Carl G.

After a lengthy search and review process, Harvard Medical School's Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary tapped Briarpatch and venture partner Pawling & Associates for new content for its Ear, Nose and Throat web portal. With health care web builders MedTouch.

The work we did in for the University of Pennsylvania is online. With web development partner The Archer Group.